Established in 2019, ECONSAN is a leading provider of premium quality sanitizing products and services for both residential and commercial customers. Our purpose is to create welcoming and healthy environments, and we do this through the provision of proven products, specialised technicians, sound processes and outstanding service.

The business was established in Hong Kong by two young entrepreneurs, teamed up with Econmist Biotech from UK to develop a range of eco-friendly, effective and low cost decontamination solutions for the healthcare, food, retail and leisure sectors.

Eco-Mist Biotechnics is established in UK, specializes in the development, manufacture and application of decontamination solutions for complete infection prevention and control against surface and airborne pathogens. 

Our stylish, effective & eco-friendly sanitizer is non-toxicfully, safely be used within the healthcare, food and beverage, hotel & leisure, pharmaceutical, transport, education and retail sectors. 

Partner with Eco-Mist BioTech 

Our vision is to live in a world where antibiotics are prescribed for only the most serious cases in human and animal health. The environment will be clean and free from man-made contamination. Eco-Mist Biotechnics will have led the way in challenging the notion of profit before all else.

Most importantly, we work to produce and develop clean solutions for the benefit of everyone, which have minimal or no adverse impact on our planet. It is our desire to leave behind a world fit for future generations to enjoy.”

Eric Warren | Managing Director from Eco-Mist Bio Tech