Medical Grade standard kill 99.9999% germs in 30 sec

Our biocide/disinfectant is a synthetic version of the same substance that the human body produces to fight infection. It drives us to make truly non-toxic, effective and nature-derived disinfectants. It achieves kills germs 99.9999% in under just 30 seconds. The pathogen is destroyed and cannot mutate to become resistant as it can with other chemicals.

EcoSan 01 - TriBioSan Eco Sanitizer

TriBioSan sanitizing solution is perfect for whole room or vehicle decontamination. Dry misting with TriBioSan will allow total air and surface decontamination of all areas, including soft furnishings, carpets and hard to reach areas. TriBioSan should also be used to spot treat high traffic surfaces like door handles, work stations, mobile phones, chairs, desks and any high touch surface. The perfect product to sanitise all hard surface areas following removal of visible soiling by spraying and/or dry misting.

EcoSan 02 - VetGard for Daily Pet Care

VetGard is a revolutionary antiseptic for health, hygiene and wound care problems in the veterinary and animal husbandry sector. The product is also ideal for domestic owners of animals who wish to prevent avoidable infections and treat animal wounds. Our specially formulated biocide, synthesizes the chemical which is naturally produced by animals to fight infections and invading pathogens. It kills germs on contact and speeds up healing. VetGard is pH neutral and will not sting or irritate animals, even in sensitive areas like eyes and ears.

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